A end-life tour of  HDD

Due to these situations, RDI, Inc will category the PC hard drive into scrap.

  1. Capacity is smaller or equal to 250 MB

  2. PC hard drive out the scratch outside

  3. The lifetime of the PC hard drive is below than 90%.

Wipe the data process:

  1. Record the serial number, brand name, the condition of lifetime, speed, wiping time of the hard drive on the Hard Drive Test and Data Wiping Report.

    1. Each hard drive must be wiped three times.

    2. The time of wiping hard drive will between one hour to two hours. Depend on the capacity of the hard drive.

After wiping the hard drive:

  1. Check the report from the system of the wiping result. Record the result.

  2. Package the hard drive, record the whole seller information once shipped.


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