IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

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We provide full-service by facilitating pick-up and removal of retired electronics, sorting, and dismantling services to satisfy different demands for a variety of customers.




RDI's Data Destruction Certificate



  • Data Destruction

  • Dismantle

  • Refurbish


IT Asset Recycling

We provide personalized disposal service and recycling solutions for your business. Understanding your priority is the key to our outstanding performance. Our customized program and distinguished on-site operation promise you a secure, efficient, and reliable recycling service. 



We refurbish your obsolete electronics or reuse it for parts, minimizing landfills and negative impacts on our environment. Electronics refurbishment is the most effective sustainable technology.


Data Destruction

We erase the confidential data from information assets in a safe and secure way, with data destruction certificate reports and repacking for shipment, ensuring the data is permanently unrecoverable and completely eliminating the risks of leaks to your business. 


Recall Service

We support OEMs, distributors, and retailers with electronics recall and return management services and committed to precise, flexible, and quick responses to your customized program.


Donation Program

Your e-donations including out-of-date computers, laptops, tablets, cellphones, and peripherals are relief and worth a lot to some community. Charity is you give something away; you end up having more. Partner with us to help the society and save the planet together.

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Residential Event

We provide residential electronics recycling services for offices, apartments, and communities, including office equipment, household appliances, personal computers, and mobile devices, helping you truly accomplish a sustainable living. Contact us for inquiring about RDI green boxes and more information about holding residential events.

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