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We provide customized solar panel EOL management and value recovery solutions for every need and save the cost of storage. Minimized the use of hazardous materials, recycling whenever possible, and maximum the use second life materials could be mitigated the negative environmental impacts of PV systems. A reliable partner who can safely dispose of EOL management, fully-compliant with environmental regulations, provide solutions to your business need, evaluate your business brand.

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Types of Equipments for Recycle

PV modules

Battery storage

Racking or trackers



Recycle Workflow

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01 Conditions

Identifying details regarding the condition of the equipments.

  • Photos or pictures of the modules

  • Storage location and conditions (inside, outside, how it's protected, etc.)

  • PV modules and related equipments (inverters, racking, etc.) to be processed.

02 Packaging

Determine how the shipment will be packaged (stacked, packages, banded, on pallets, etc.).

  • Stacking the pallets between 28 and 35 modules, which hold between 12 and 13 pallets and weigh an average between 18K and 20K lbs.

03 Shipment

Determine if external (third-party) logistics are required for the shipment.

  • Schedule the shipment pick-up or transport.

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